types of tea


The other side of the coin


Tea isn't the only plant which can be infused into hot/cold water: there are many many other plants! The main difference is that tea (and coffee, of course) contains theine (caffeine), while all the other plants do not.

These infusions are called herbal tea, and usually they are a mix of different plants in order to obtain a specific wellbeing effect on your body: for example there are herbal teas useful for lowering blood pressure, or helping with diuresis, or just to relax you. There are herbal teas of any genre and taste : just depends on what you like.

However, there exists a subcategory of herbal teas that are called fruit teas, which are composed by pieces of fruits, but the concept is always the same. 
Generally herbal teas require water at 100°C and an infusion time which is longer in respect to tea.

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