chiara and michele

We are a couple enthusiast about tea and salon the tea. What we like best?
Find new tea taste and talk about it with people.

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michele capra

25 years old, master degree student in physics engeneering - nanophysics and nanotechnologies in Milano. I was born and grow up in Lissone, and  I got the opportunity to travel all around the world during my holidays since I was a child.
In my freetime I love cooking and folding origami, and like every respectable student, especially during the exams session, I drink liters and liters of tea. In this way I started to get closer to the world of tea, and then the idea of the God Save The Tea Blog.


26 years old, educator, freelance photographer and travel addicted.

I grow up in Monza, but I attended the university in Milano.

With Michele I got closer to the world of tea, and many cups later has born the idea of the God Save The Tea Blog. Taking picture has been always a constat in my life, especially about wedding and travel reportage, through which I like meet new people.

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